Summer Toboggan

Globe Complete offers innovative solutions to increase the profitability of your business during off-season.

The use of slopes in the summer for construction and operation of Brandauer summer toboggan systems serves as a good example.

Summer toboggan system is a sport facility. Summer toboggan system from Brandauer Company is a monorail system. There are also two-rail system and toboggan track in flume form from Josef Wiegand Company.

There are following ways to get bobs and riders up the mountain:

  • Using existing chairlifts;
  • Using existing ski-lifts;
  • Using funicular;
  • By car;
  • Using an additional automatic toboggan transport system.

Summer toboggan system „Brandauer“ can be used all year round as its all-weather capable.

For the installation of Brandauer summer toboggan system the terrain should have a difference in elevation of approx. 40 m. Soil type does not matter because the system can be installed in the meadow, forest or rocky terrain.

The track is mounted just above the ground. It is supported by hot dip galvanised construction and anchored into the ground using pegs. No concrete base is required.

When laying the rails, a minimum incline of 7% is required to be able to get the toboggan moving (maximum incline - 60 %).

Summer toboggan slides can be good business. Low staff and maintenance costs mean the owner can operate his system easily and make a profit. 240 rides are possible in one hour what makes 2000 rides a day. Determining the price per ride it is easy to make the calculation of a daily income.

Brandauer summer toboggan meets the highest safety and technical standards and is technically approved.

The detailed information about Brandauer summer toboggan system you can find in our pdf-broshure: