Outdoor Pool

An outdoor pool heating is the most economical application of solar energy because:

  • over time it brings the maximum usage of the sun’s radiation;
  • only nominal temperatures (mostly under 30°C) are required by which more economical solar absorbers can be used;
  • no thermal reservoir is needed as the pool itself acts as a huge reservoir.

The basic functionality principle behind a solar unit as a pool heater is relatively simple. AST Solar Mats are installed on a roof top and absorb the sun’s radiation.

The pool water is taken via branch current from a clean water conduit of the filter unit (filtered water) and transferred by a circulation pump through the absorber.

The amount of branch current (m3/h) is dependent upon the size of the absorber area. In the absorber the flowing pool water then absorbs the sun’s radiation as thermal energy and warms itself – when correctly scaled – from 6°- 8°, before it is then re-circulated back into the pool. 

The facility is operated by means of an electric regulator, which is controlled by a temperature sensor in the pool water and absorber. A precise regulation is extremely important to the performance of the solar unit.

Solar absorbers for the outdoor pool allow to prolong the swimming season and therefore increase an output capacity. In addition, solar absorbers can significantly reduce operating costs and ultimately bring a significant cost reduction. Thus, you can optimize the return of your outdoor pool.