Solar Units

The entire amount of energy impinging on the earth’s surface is more than 5000 times greater than the total amount needed for mankind. We make a portion of that energy useable for you!

The solar absorbers are assembled on rooftop surfaces and connected to the feed and return tubs of the swimming pools water cycle. The solar pump is turned on when the temperature in the solar absorber reaches approx. 4°C more than the pools water temperature.

The relatively low manufacturing cost as well as its high efficiency make the Solar Absorber Unit a top product - without competition - in swimming pool heating sector.

With the solar absorbers endless solar energy can be used for:

  • Heating of water in indoor and outdoor pools;
  • Heat supply in industrial enterprises with a very high consumption of hot water for technological processes;
  • Pre-heating or full heating of water in a hot water system for ice arenas, sports and other facilities;
  • Heating of various objects;
  • Anyone who is interested to reduce operation costs.

 Advantages of solar absorber:

  • It allows you to extend a bathing season, which means to increase the effectiveness of the facility;
  • Reduces energy costs for water heating up to 60%;
  • It provides the shortest payback period compared to other similar systems;
  • Does not have any construction or installation restrictions because it can be easily adapted to the characteristics of the building;
  • Installed, if necessary, to an existing heating system;
  • It does not cause any inconvenience or difficulties in operation;
  • Resistant to UV radiation;
  • Provides rapid heating of water - 87% of the transmitted solar energy is given in the flowing water. Consequently, it manages to heat a large quantity of water in the shortest time;
  • Adapted to heat large quantities of water (e.g.  30.000 liters a day) from + 8 ° C to +50 ° C (depending on local geographic conditions).