Mobile ice rinks can be quickly and easily mounted at open areas on the street, under the canopy, inside the prefabricated tent construction, in parks, shopping centers, at a private territory for presentations, promotions, demonstrations and for organizing special events. The company's technologies allow to build rinks of any size, shape and design.

Advent and Christmas Markets

Being a perfect meeting spot, an ice rink becomes a center of Christmas market, offers various ice sport opportunities and attracts a lot of people. Even business opportunities emerge as a result of meetings at an ice rink.

City Rinks. The most famous City Rink in the world is at the Rockefeller Center in New York. The largest and certainly one of the most beautiful City Rinks is build every year in front of the Vienna City Hall (Wiener Rathaus). Well organized city rinks such as the “Vienna Ice Dream”, the “Munich Winter Magic” or the “Frankfurt Opernplatz on Ice” are attractions for every city and delight both natives and tourists alike. Such events are usually covered in media resulting in “good press” for those involved.

Fairs. A real ice rink is something special and is often used to attract a great public. With the use of ice rinks, Hugo Boss, VW, Subaru, Continentale, Hilfiger Denim and Audi have already taken a profit of putting their products on a spotlight during exhibitions and presentations.

Ice Shows. Ice shows are much loved by spectators and are therefore very often frequented. If there is no available ice arena around, ice shows could take place in city halls, concert halls or in sport arenas which do not have their own ice making equipment. We offer a  rent of professional ice rink units and machinery.

TV Shows. AST genuine ice rinks are willing used for TV shows. The shows are mostly produced before live audiences. The best ice quality counts the most! In spite of the high studio temperatures (often much higher than 20° C), caused by the studio’s spot lights, AST’s ice quality remains top-notch!
“Stars of Ice” with Katarina Witt on PRO7 as well as ice shows in Denmark and France were produced on AST genuine Ice Rinks.