Ice Mats System

Ice mats are the EPDM strips with a width of 120 mm made in the form of 8 flexible pipes. A distinctive feature of ice mats is that they can completely replace stationary cooling slabs. Ice-mats withstand high temperature fluctuations because they are subjects of both freezing and defrosting. Their thermal resistance encompasses temperatures from - 40 °C to + 150 °C.

They are safe to use and their production corresponds to the sanitary standards and rules. Ice mats are easy to operate and can serve for decades if are not made ​​from recycled materials.


The growing popularity of ice-mats could be explained by a number of advantages compared to other pipe systems, namely:

  • Mobility - the ease and time of installation and removal of the piping system (2-3 days). The initial assembly of the system is carried out by experienced professionals, and the dismantling and reassembly can be performed by a personnel trained during the initial installation;
  • Cost of construction - ice-mats could be installed on any flat surface; the construction is not less than 30% cheaper compared to a cost of the pipe system in the concrete slab;
  • High quality ice on the entire surface of the ice rink. The maximum change in temperature across the surface is not more than 0,3 °C (world standard - not more than 0,5 °C);
  • Repairability of ice-mats, which could not be even compared with other systems. The possible damages in pipes of the ice-mats could be easily detected and removed using the repair kit supplied with a pipe system;
  • Operating efficiency - the ice is being frozen directly on the ice-mats. Comparing with the systems where a layer of concrete or sand serves as the insulating barrier, there is only 1.5 mm wall of pipe between the coolant and the ice in the ice-mats. As a consequence, the energy efficiency of the ice rink built using ice–mats is not less than 20 % higher than of the permanent ice rink with a concrete slab or with pipes in sand;
  • Ability to provide a multipurpose sport field due to seasonal uncomplicated transformation of an ice field at any field for summer sports or other purposes;
  • Low weight throughout the pipe system - so emerges the possibility of creating ice fields on the upper floors of shopping centers, entertainment facilities, offices, etc.;
  • Compactness in storage after dismantling in the off-season: rolled ice mats are stored in the channels along the side of ice rink, which is possible even without draining the coolant off;
  • High durability of ice-mats, collector pipes and other fittings - at least 20 years by the compliance with the use regulations.

But the main advantage of ice-mats is that they allow creating mobile ice rinks of different shapes and configurations (rectangular, round, oval). Unlike stationary ice arenas and seasonal ice rinks, mobile ice rink can be installed on any flat solid surface and could be an interesting type of the high-profitable seasonal business.

  • Ice Box
  • Model "Classic"
  • Model "Artificial Turf"
  • Model "Multi Quartz"

Ice Box

This is the most mobile system for the construction of an ice rink. Prepared modules of  ice-mats and collector pipes are stored in the metal frames. The modules can be placed on any smooth and dense place, connected  with each other and then contained in the boxes  strips of ice-mats coulld be rolled out. After an operation all ice-mats are stored again in the boxes. Thus, the ice-box is not only an element for building of ice rink but an element for its transportation as well.

Model "Classic"

This variant allows you to turn any playground into seasonal ice skating rink in winter. It is enough to prepare a channel along the side of ice rink for collecting pipes  which also serves as a warehouse for ice mats in the off-season

Model "Artificial Turf"

During the construction of the playing field, the ice-mat system is layed on the ground and covered with artificial turf. This stationary quickly-erected ice rink enables to use  ice-mats for heating and drying of the field in freezing or rainy weather  or to convert the field into a real and qualitative ice rink without any additional installation work.

Model "Multi Quartz"

In this version, on the contrary to versions mentioned above, ice-mats are covered with the special permeable quartz mass.  A skating rink is poured over the solid surface for  year-round or seasonal use.