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It is not so difficult to build an ice rink from the technological side of view. Financial aspects looks more complicated. The construction of sport or leisure facilities requires considerable investment.  For example, the budgetary cost of an ice rink of 30x60 m ranges  from 600 thousand up to 2.5 - 7.5 million Euro.

Realizing this, negotiating with a customer, we will always find an optimal solution and, if desired, divide the workload.  If you are general designer, then together with our partner AST we will develop only special technological items of the draft:

  • cold supply of the ice field’s technological plate;
  • consruction of an ice pad;
  • ventilation, air conditioning and dehumidification of ice arena;
  • water preparation for the pouring;
  • lighting and sound systems of sports zones.
  • various technologies (a garage for ice maintenance machines, melting of snow rests, hockey boards, scoreboards, ice maintenance, coverings around the ice, in locker rooms and other areas etc.)

If you already have got good general contractor, we are ready to cooperate with the customer on the delivery, installation and commissioning of sports and technological equipment.

Please make sure that we offer only precise technical solutions for ice fields by selecting equipment and technology individually for every project.

After the decision of  the customer/investor to equip the technology pad with ice mats, we will supply reliable materials of Austrian production of the best quality, which have no better alternative today. The cost of supplied ice mat is the same as that of the producer. You pay only for the advanced technology of  ice mats‘ production of best European quality.

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