Having close ties with service and logistics companies Globe Complete GmbH aims to support Austrian and other European producers with the supplement of goods to the customers in Ukraine.

As a neutral foreign trade business provider Globe Complete GmbH helps European companies to gain a foothold in the Ukrainian market and boost their trading operations and deliveries to Ukraine at the lowest cost without establishing subsidiaries, branches or representative offices.

For companies from EU countries Globe Complete GmbH offers following services:


  • Delivery of goods to warehouses in Ukraine
  • Preparation of sales
  • Packaging of goods
  • Regular shipping of goods to retail customers
  • Deliveries to points of sale


  • Search of required goods of Ukrainian producers
  • Export of Ukrainian goods to the EU-countries in behalf of European customers


Service «Go Ukraine» means the development of marketing strategy for the Ukrainian market and its implementation as well as optimization of the delivery logistics.

Responding to the requests of Ukrainian customers, Globe Complete GmbH support them to meet their needs in raw materials and goods from Europe as well as contributes to the promotion of Ukrainian products, searching potential buyers in the EU and providing export deliveries from Ukraine.